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Training Available at National Agents Alliance

There are a variety of training options available to National Agents Alliance agents. National Agents Alliance prefers that its agents go through training at NAA, even if they are familiar with the insurance business or have been an agent elsewhere. Because each company is different, it’s important for agents to be trained on how we do things at National Agents Alliance.

Agents are offered training in various methods. There is online training, a book agents can read, and audio and video training to accompany the book. Agents have access to a plethora of training videos and audio clips through NAAtv, a site where we share our videos exclusively with agents.

In addition to books, online training and audio/video training, National Agents Alliance hosts a variety of weekly training meetings across the country. Each week there are HotSpots meetings in different locations throughout the United States. These meetings are in locations that make it possible for anyone who is interested to go to a meeting to learn more about NAA. Interested people can learn more about National Agents Alliance and how to get involved, and new agents can learn more about what we do, meet leaders in the company, and receive in-person training from the best of the best in our company. NAA University provides training materials for new agents, as well as information for how to get a license. NAA University recommends companies and courses that will help you get your license as soon as possible so you can start selling!

We value your service as a veteran, and hope you will apply with us today. Your values and determination match our goals, and we hope to continue attracting other veterans like you to help us protect and serve American families.

This is just an overview of all of the training available at NAA. There are multiple opportunities for agents to receive the proper training they need to move to the top!

*Agents get special access to these materials, so people are not yet agents will not have access to these materials.