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The Culture at National Agents Alliance

The culture at National Agents Alliance is unique in the fact that we are an environment that inspires growth. Early on, Andy Albright, president and CEO of National Agents Alliance, established “the eight core values” for his staff, agents and company as a whole to operate by. By establishing these values, Albright set strict expectations for his employees. His expectations are clear – he wants quality, respectable people working for National Agents Alliance and representing the company.

Because of National Agents Alliance’s established values, it is easy to see why you – and other veterans – are the kind of people NAA wants to employee. We value veterans’ dedication to helping and protecting others, and are seeking more veterans to work for us. We feel that veterans have the passion and training that matches our company’s goals and plans.

Your passion for serving and protecting American families through the military speaks volumes about your character and what you value. Veterans feel compelled to help and protect others, and that is a unique quality that many people don’t have. You have the determination to see tasks through and the motivation to succeed at whatever you do.

You are familiar with our eight core values – excellence, service, integrity, accountability, respect, compassion, community and gratitude – because they are your personal values, adopted by you and other veterans before you ever heard of National Agents Alliance.

Unlike other companies, National Agents Alliance values the people who work for them as people, not just as employees. We could hire anyone to do a job, but we want someone who is passionate about the things we are passionate about – someone with integrity, compassion and determination.

We believe that you and other veterans are instilled with the unique gifts that we are seeking. You have an instinctive nature that desires to protect. That’s exactly what we do at NAA – we protect American families by providing a variety of life insurance options to meet a range of coverage and budget needs.

We are looking for dedicated and compassionate veterans like you to become licensed insurance agents. Unlike many other companies, no prior experience is necessary. We offer full training on our products, services and values here at National Agents Alliance. We care more about who you are and what you stand for than what degree you did or did not earn.

If you are a veteran whose values and goals match ours, we invite you to fill out the form for employment consideration. One of our agent mentors will contact you soon regarding your interest, with more details about the positions available. Veterans, we value and appreciate your service!