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We Need More Veterans:

National Agents Alliance is a nationwide dynamic insurance marketing organization that provides an array of assorted financial services. Like you, we work hard to protect Americans by living service-oriented lives on a daily basis. Also like you and other veterans, we have an established set of enforced core values – we call them "the eight core values" – which we live by every day. By adopting and living by these values, National Agents Alliance aims to serve people first, valuing people's needs over the dollar bill.

National Agents Alliance's eight core values all intertwine, but each serves separate importance and purpose. Our eight core values are: excellence, service, integrity, accountability, respect, compassion, community and gratitude. By truly living these values, we hope to not only help our clients financially, but also to inspire them personally. We believe that setting higher standards for ourselves will produce better results all around. We value each individual, and want more veterans like you working for us.

We feel that veterans have values that are in line with ours at National Agents Alliance. Veterans express the drive and determination we seek in employees, and veterans also have a passion for protecting American families – that’s why we are looking to hire veterans, specifically.

What We Do:

What We Do:

The key to our success is the way we value our staff, agents and clients. National Agents Alliance was established in 2002 and has expanded substantially because of our dedicated and specialized client service, lead generation services, client referrals and performance-based compensation system.

National Agents Alliance believes that "your clients don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." All of our agents strive to grace each client with personal involvement to ensure that clients and their loved ones are protected should the unexpected happen. We believe in protecting Americans, and because of this, consider ourselves and veterans to be like-minded. We trust veterans to value the lives of Americans and to aim to provide what is best for each particular client.

Our diversity allows us to provide our clients with various options and services, based on a wide range of needs and budgets. Because of National Agents Alliance's affiliation with multiple carriers, we are not limited to just one kind of product or provider. In addition to the high-quality leads we offer through our excellent lead generation system, we train our agents to ensure that they are comfortable and knowledgeable about our products, services and industry progression. Our agents aim serve and protect Americans – much like veterans do – with the goal of protecting as many Americans as possible.

If you are interested in having fun, making money and making a difference, and feel led to continue protecting American families, you are in the right place. National Agents Alliance is looking for male and female veterans who are passionate about changing lives by becoming licensed agents and selling insurance. We are currently seeking entry level and experienced veterans as agents to sell life and disability insurance to protect clients' homes in the event of death or disability, and also annuities and final expense coverage for seniors. We are already interested in you – the fact that you are a veteran says enough.

If you are a veteran interested in protecting American families, we encourage you to apply online today. We appreciate the dedication you and other veterans have to protecting American families, because that is our passion.

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Benefits for Veterans:

  • We offer full training on our business, sales procedures and products for veterans. No prior experience necessary.
  • We provide a support program in which veterans can work from home, on their own schedule, either part-time or full-time.
  • Because the pay is based on your work, the harder you work and the more sales you make, the more money you make!
  • Veterans can work full-time or part-time – it’s their choice. This could be your new career or it could simply be additional part-time work.
  • At National Agents Alliance, we believe in working hard and moving up in the company. The harder you work and the more money you make, you can work your way up to opening your own independent agency.
  • NAA gives veterans everything they need to succeed by providing them with a custom website, direct mail marketing and business cards.
  • National Agents Alliance helps you get licensed and offers online and offline training materials to keep you up-to-speed.
  • There are multiple opportunities for veterans to meet and learn from the best in our industry.
  • There is a support team that helps you learn the system, resolve any issues, and grow your business.
  • We support, appreciate and welcome veterans to our company! We want YOU because we believe in what you and other veterans stand for.